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Francis Hutcheson Society

With the support of THE ULSTER-SCOTS AGENCY

Invite you to attend a symposium on Francis Hutcheson – ‘the Man from Drumalig’, Co Down

Francis Hutcheson was one of the foremost philosophers and thinkers of the 18th century; read and studied throughout Europe and the American Colonies. He was the man who taught Adam Smith Economics and Moral Philosophy, was a major influence on David Hume in Scotland and Immanuel Kant in Germany and is often credited with being the father of the Scottish Enlightenment, although an Ulsterman. His politics and philosophy helped to shape the birth of modern Britain , America , Ireland and the Commonwealth yet today he is almost forgotten in his native land.

This symposium aims to alter this neglect and to help re-establish the importance of this great man by bringing together some of the top scholars in the area to present an overview of his background and key ideas and to examine how they are still relevant to the modern world and Ulster and Ireland in particular.

We thus invite you to attend this symposium as a major event on the road to re-establishing Francis Hutcheson and his ideas as major influences on the Enlightenment, the course of American, British and Irish history and that had a profound impact on the shaping of the modern world.

The symposium will take place in the Long Room, Parliament Buildings Stormont, Belfast on Saturday, 1st November, 2008 , 9-30 am for 10 am , by the kind invitation of Mr Alan MacFarland, MLA, Mrs Carmel Hanna, MLA and Mr Trevor Lunn, MLA. The day will include morning and afternoon tea and coffee and lunch. In addition to the speakers there will be question and answer sessions and a concluding general panel and discussion arena open to the floor for contributions.

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