Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Paintball Teambuilding 27th January 2007

Stressed out by Exams and Christmas, want a way to get rid of all that tension and have a good time too, then we present ...
“The Ulster Society Paintball Teambuilding Extravaganza”.
We have arranged a paintballing trip to coincide with the gap between the end of the exams period and the new semester. It will be taking place on Saturday, 27th January 2007.
The society shall be footing the transport bill (bus to Monaghan from Belfast and back), so the only cost shall be the paintball itself which is only £30 p.p. (Add in a little extra for more paintballs on the day).
Places are limited (25-30), so if you are interested or have some questions, please send us an e-mail at a.s.a.p. so we can mark you down. More information about money collection and bus location etc. will be posted on the website early next week. This is fantastic value, snap it up!