Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Victory for the Ulster Society!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the success of the Ulster Society at last night's weekly Clubs and Societies Pub Quiz in the Speakeasy.

After weeks of persistent attendance it was gratifying to at last achieve victory. More importantly the society will now recieve £200 in prize money for our success. This shall be a great boost to society funds and will enable us to pay for many of the events we plan to hold throughout the rest of the academic year.

However, we should remember that this quiz takes place every week and that our society needs more money to finance our ambitious projects. Let this not be a one off success, rather the start of great things to come. Special thanks to the society President Graham Barton who was undoubtedly the brains behind our team, and to our friends in the QUBNISC for their continued support. I hope to see you all at next weeks quiz and once again thanks to everyone who helped us achieve this great victory!