Friday, November 17, 2006

Circular IV

“The combat deepens. On, ye brave,
Who rush to glory, or the grave!
Wave, Ulster, all thy banners wave!
And charge with all thy chivalry!”
A Paraphrase of "Hohenlinden" by Sir Randolf Churchill.

Hello Everyone,

In this Circular:
1. Formal Meeting.
2. Victory at Pub Quiz.
3. Poster campaign.
4. New members.

1. In this circular I’d like to bring your attention to our first formal meeting for this year (details below). This will be an opportunity for those who were unable to sign up on freshers day to do so, for the paltry sum of £3.

The topics for discussion will be:

  • Motions and Questions for the SRC on Tuesday 28th November 2006.
  • Quotations and Design for Society Hoodies.
  • Website and Publicity.
  • Preparations for events namely:Paintball “Team Building”FormalInvitational LectureOther Talks
  • Contacts with international student societies.
  • Affiliation with the National Ulster Society.
  • New members.
  • Other Buisness.

This will be the first of a set of formal meetings throughout the academic year, which can be seen on the attached poster. These do not include our special events (formal, lecture, e&c.).

The meeting will be held in the David Kerr Building, Room 209 at 6PM, on Monday, 20th November 2006.

2. It is my pleasure to announce our victory at the Clubs and Societies Pub Quiz on Tuesday. We received £200 for our society! However, to maintain this success we need your help. For a bit of fun and to help the cause, come on down to the speakeasy at 9:30 Pm every Tuesday! More info here.

3. The attached poster will be placed around the campus, and your assistance in this regard would be very valuable. Please print off a few posters and pin them up around your normal working area, special commercially printed posters are being made at this time and will also be being put up, specifically in the union boards.

4. If you cannot attend the meeting on Monday but would still like to join, do not worry, there are other meetings planned as can be seen from the poster, and if you can not wait until then, please contact our e-mail address and our Treasurer will get in contact with you.

Those of you who are now councillors of the SRC are to be congratulated, and if you have motions for the next council meeting, please make sure you come to ours, or at least inform us of them, so that the rest of the members can be prepared for their content.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Floreat Ultonia!

Graham Steven Barton
Ulster Society

Ps. Circular I is available on our website here. This should be the first stop for those looking to find the benefits of joining the society.