Hi! My name's Cindy...full name's Lee Lyn Bein, but no one calls by that name, so I shall not tire your brain, but having you to memorise it anyway. Now, comes the difficult part, what shall I talk about???

OK, I'll start with what I'm doing with my life at the moment. I'm a 20 year old female in my final year doing a BSc in Information Management in Queen's University of Belfast, or Queen's as it is fondly called by locals here. I sound like what people would say on the Internet Relay Chat. Back to the subject...I really do digress quite often, as you'll see later. Contrary to what people believe about Belfast, it is actually a peaceful, now..stop laughing. Its true, take it from someone who has been here for a year. It is the perfect place to study. People here are really nice, they would go out of their way to help you. Now, you wouldn't get that in Malaysia!!

How I came about being here?? Well, after my form five in BBGS, I went to Taylor's College where I did a Canadian Pre Univerisity course and then went on to my first year in Metropilan College. In, September 15th 1996, I flew to UK with a bunch( 40 of us) of great people and settled in Belfast for my 2nd year.

During my one year stay here, I've visited a few places, not much... would have liked to visit more but $$$$$ does not permit. I went to Ireland in January 97 for a week, came back to Belfast , rested one day (if unpacking and washing and packing again is resting - there I go again, digressing) and then went to Scotland for a week with the Malaysian Student's Society of Northern Ireland (MSSNI-thank goodness for such things as short forms). Summer was a great time..That was when I went to PARIS!! my supposedly dream place.. Not too bad..but expensive. We ate bread and butter and Maggi Mee most of the time. I know it sounds pathetic but...$$$$$ was limited. I spent a whole day visiting the Louvre..that was nice.

I forgot to mention one more place that I went to...Amsterdam. I went during term time. That was really naughty of me, I know and now I'm paying for it. I've got loads and loads of work to do. Did I mention that I went over to Belgium as well from Amsterdam. Antwerp, a quaint town just before Brussels, if you're coming from Amsterdam , serves delicious waffles. Belgium, chocolates, yum yum. Ok, I think I've written enough. I shall not bore you anymore.
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