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introduceUpdates On Past Events

Events For The Year 1996/97
Date Schedule Event Description
November 96 Asian Food Galore

This event held at the Upper Dining Hall attracted about 200 people. There were more than 30 dishes to choose from, some of which were sponsored by a local restaurant

November 96 Bowling Night

In typical Irish hospitility, a total of 23 persons were invited for bowling and dinner for FREE. Grateful guests were treated with sumptious dinner and later dessert. The night ended with games and prayer.

December 96 Christmas Party

This one of the three events jointly organized with the Malaysian Students' Society. There was carol singing with snacks. Later there were games and exchanging of gifts.

January 97 Scotland Trip

Two bus loads of students, 64 in total, enjoyed this trip which took them to Kevingrove Museum in Glasgow, a luxury dinner in Edinburgh award winning dark ride in New Lanark and skiing at Caingorm Mountains. The trip lasted for a week which also left a lasting impression of Scotland with the travellers. Unfortunately, Nessie(Loch Ness's monster) or any close relative wouldn't oblige us with an appearance.

February 97 Chinese New Year Dinner

About 100 persons turned up to usher the Lunar Year at the Drangon City Restaurant. The dinner was graced with the presence of Dr Gerry Cleary, Dr Kuan and Mrs Ann Davies. A small firework display was presented and the night ended with a blast at the Manhattan Disco.

March 97 Farm Visit

An event organized with the IFA to visit a local pig and cow farm, witness the living condition and environment and at the same time, the group nostrils were assulted by the forever "nice country smells". Once again, Irish hospitility was extented to the group with nice Irish dinner and of course their desserts !!

March 97 Movie Marathon

When We name it a Marathon, we mean it ! This time round, the committee took a bold challenge to double the screen time. Many good movies ranged from Trainspotting to French Kiss and Operation Dumbo Drop to Singapore Sitcom "Under One Roof" were screen from noon till midnight on the 22nd and 23rd of March. The total screen time is raised from 12 to 24 hours and attrached a record breaking of over 130 people. Trainspotting alone attrached the more than 50 people.

March 97 Visit from Singapore High Commission

Mr S.L Koh, Student Advisor from the Singapore High Commision came to Belfast on the 24 March 1997. About 40 people were invited for this reception in conjuction with his visit to and around the City of Belfast. In his speech, Mr Koh briefed about the function of the Singapore Student department which now known as Contact Singapore and most importantly, job opportunities in Singapore.

April 97 Easter Trip

Eight people signed up for an experience in Co. Fermanagh. This journey took them to the famous Twin Cathedral in Amagh, The American Folk Park in Omagh, the Marble Arch Cave in Enniskillen and the great View point in Lough Navara. The group also climb a small hill in Donegal which on the summit, overlooking the 4 counties. However the best experience was spending two nights in a caravan, which happened to be in the middle of nowhere and did I mention that the water and electricity is limited !!!


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