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ask Gareth, our club's natural athlete

The man himself. Fountain of all squash knowledge - just look at his trophies!


Tuesday evenings, 7-10pm at the PEC.



Visit us at the Fresher's Bazaar at the Student's Union, or else come down any club night. Feel free to contact us for more info about the club at squash@qub.ac.uk



At Queen's squash club it doesn't matter what level you play at, how fit you are, or if you don't want to break into a sweat. All strengths of players are welcomed - don't think that you aren't good enough! You WILL find someone of your own standard. For those who are still worrying, the only time you won't be able to find someone of your standard, is if you are too good. If everyone took the attitude that they weren’t good enough to play, noone would be there, especially me after all my stunning defeats!! So just come and have fun!

Squash is a fun game which provides an enjoyable way to stay fit, and you only need to take it as seriously as you wish. It develops good all round cardiovascular fitness and certainly keeps the Gluteus maximus in good working order - squash players don't wear tight shorts for nothing!! :)

The pro player, Joe Kneipp, who lunged so much he pulled a bum muscle.



You'll also find that squash develops good agility and stamina and has a surprisingly strong mental aspect to it. It has been compared to chess with a racquet as you have to identify your opponents weaknesses and strengths while trying to cover-up your own.