Shane - our 17 year old leader - flanked by his minders

Shane again...

...obviously liked by the camera

The committee: Tony, Shane, Ryan    
The Queen's team at the Wellie

the whole QUB squad!... but wait, where's Ashley?

The club doing what it does best... and it's not squash...

John and Steve


more sitting around posing while gareth looks down his nose

ryan seems to be enjoying whatever gareth is doing

our Jen... the bronzed look's definitely pullin the lads


steve looks startled as alan tries to cram the whole chicken in

tony's going to sleep already

Tony, Zahra (our no-show no.5), Didier

Drunken madness after the dinner...

ryan starting to make the move...

...getting closer...

anyone else notice that Ryan has his tongue hanging out in any photos with zahra?
Ryan's looks to have trapped his prey... ...now Zahra really does look scared  

only two dancing to the dj... and they're both QUB...

the mating ritual

John's sweat patch obviously too close for Ricky's comfort

John tries to get Aoife under the table...    
Prize Winners
Shane's lovely assistant, Aoife, presenting the trophy to Trish Please, don't make me speak!
Trinity Ladies A Trinity Mens B Trinity Mens A