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11/05/05: QUB plunders the ulster squash annual dinner!

our boys bring home the silver!

Gareth McKeeman, Ryan Graydon and Tony Cooney struggling to hold all their winnings.

The Ulster Squash Annual Dinner was held in the Europa Hotel. After the dinner, the QUB student A and B teams got their trophies awarded for their Ulster Plate successes. Brilliant night! The great craic was worth any morning after suffering... More photos here...



Division 5
Rosario C
Rosario Racquets
Lagan Valley D
Windsor E
QUB students A
Enkalon D
Kiltonga E
Lisburn Raquets D
Dungannon RFC
QUB students B










Both the student A and B team won the plates of their respective league cups. The report from the B team, a.k.a QUB D, is below:


“Rivals running scared as QUB D take title”

With the squash league coming to a close, and having not made the same impact in their first competitive season as expected, there was only the Ulster Cup left to play for. Indeed, for QUB D, it was their only chance of silverware, and safe passage into Europa.

With a tough opening cup encounter against a stubborn Harlequins team, the team showed great composure early on with Ryan Graydon disposing of their number 4, with a 3-1 victory. Pete Carson, at number 3, played well, but lost 0-3. The responsibility then lay with the number 2 seed, Gareth “Twister” McKeeman, to put QUB back in front on the night, but unfortunately it was not to be. Although McKeeman pulled a game back at 2-0 down, errors grew common as the tension mounted and Gareth eventually went down 3-1. Thus, a 3-0 victory was needed by number 1, Sean “the jiffster” in order to tie the game. However, despite an amazing comeback from 2-0 down to level at 2-2, Sean was edged out in a pulsating final game and eventually lost 3-2.

Even though the team were narrowly defeated, they progressed to the semi-finals of the plate competition, where they were paired with another strong team. Having drawn with this team earlier in the season, QUB D knew that it could swing either way. However, their opponents could not compete, having decided to boycott the tournament to go and play in the World club Championships in Brazil.

This took the gloss off the plate for QUB D, but having progressed to the final they vowed to destroy their opponents and silence their critics. This time they were drawn against a team much higher up the league table who were looking to complete the domestic double over QUB D. Once again the QUB D players were left without opposition as this team pulled out of the final, claiming it was a dispute with their sponsors. However, many people in the world of squash believe it was that first performance against Harlequins and their hunger for success which left these teams running scared.

QUB D lifted the title, but echoed that they would back next season to retain the plate and challenge for the league.



Trinity completed a clean sweep of the competiton, winning the ladies, mens A and mens B. More details coming soon. Some photos can be found here...



QUB students A vs QUB Students BL [13-4]



QUB students A vs Rosario Racquets [8-11]

First on was Steve who started well, winning the 1st game. The match quickly became heated and Steve had to come back from 2-1 down to level at 2-2. The tight fifth game was won by Jim Anderson much to Steve's frustration. Shane quickly got whopped 3-1, keeping some pride taking the 3rd. John Lennox had another 5 game thriller, at number 4, that pulled in the audience... but yet again, John lost 3-2... Aoife (no.1) won a good match, winning 3-1.

QUB students B vs Lisburn Racquets [1-13]

Gareth McKeeman (no. 1) was the man to get the lone point. Ryan Graydon had a close game at no.3, but couldn't convert any of the game balls he had.



League Table now available for division 5

QUB students A vs Lisburn Racquets [13-2]

QUB students B vs Lagan Valley C [0-13]



QUB students B vs Dungannon RFC [6-9]

The B team got their first result of their season - a draw, made even more impressive by the fact that they could only field half a team. Gareth McKeeman [1] won 3-1, and Ryan Graydon won [3-2], number 3 and 4 were forfeited.



QUB students A vs Dungannon RFC [13-0]

The boys won their first home fixture of the season, all of the team winning 3-0.

QUB students B vs Boat Club D [2-13]

The B team just entered the league after the Christmas break, unfortunately for them, their first fixture was against a team consisting of Irish and Ulster juniors *gulp*. Only Gareth and Didier prevented a total white-wash by getting a game each.


13/10/04: QUB students vs Dungannon RFC [11-3]

Shane[1] 3-0; Steve[2] 3-0; John[3] 3-0; Ryan[4] 1-3


06/10/04: QUB students vs Belfast Boat Club D [1-13]

QUB students got mauled by the Boat Club D (a.k.a the boat club boys as it consists of Irish and Ulster juniors). Shane(1) and Steve(2) both got beat 3-0 in their matches though they did put up a good fight. John(3) never found his rhythm, and was convincingly beat 3-0. Tony was the man who saved the team from a white-wash, losing 3-1.