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Friendly vs Lisburn Racquets E/Reserves

At the end of the year, a friendly was organised for those less experienced players who haven’t had a chance to play league. We travelled down to Lisburn Rackets to play their E team/ reserves.

Alan Crabbe lost 0-3
Tony Cooney lost 0-3
Ryan Graydon lost 2-3
Gareth McKeeman lost 0-3
John Greer won 3-2


Mens Finals

Ashley Peile bt Shane O'Reilly, 3-0

Ladies Finals

Jo Girvan bt Muriel Eustace, 3-0



This year the intervarsities were held by the Galway (NUIG) .

The Squash Intervarsities for those who don't know is an annual tournament competed in by many of the universities / colleges from all over Ireland. Suprisingly most players actually do manage to fit in the time to play squash after the socialising, the only question is, "Are they fit to play?" URG!! Where am I?!

Two teams were entered (1 boys, 1 girls), both of which were… basically too shit for the sections they were in. Isn’t a good thing we know how crap we are and just went for the craic? Unfortunately Cuan wasn't able to make it to his 9th varsities in a row. Shockingly, the 40 year old who makes us young students look like we're behave like grannies, was working on his PhD...


The intervarsities were hosted by NUIG (Galway). The boys lost all their matches (not even winning a game) apart from the number 2, Shane who won against Royal College of Surgeons. At number 1, Ashley only avoided straight 9-0s losses as Niall Rooney (who's now playing international tournaments) and the U19 Irish Champion were cruising and kindly ‘let’ him have a few points. Aidan Gibbin (no. 5) was the only person apart from Shane to even come close to winning a game, also against the Royal College of Surgeons. Suprisingly, our team came last...


The girls lost all their matches against Trinity and Galway, but soundly beat Royal College of Surgeons 5-0 to finish 3rd.