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QUB students A vs Rosario C [3-10]

The team were away this week to the club of the turncoat Ashley. They kept the run of 10-3 results going - unfortunately another loss. Aoife (1) won quite comfortably 3-1. All the other matches were lost 3-0. Steve (2) failing to take a game off Ashley, even with getting a whole seasons worth of matches in strokes.

QUB students B vs Rosario D [3-12]

Wed 26th found the team up against some strong opposition in the form of Rosario D. The team eventually went down 12-3. Ben (1), Alan (3), and Jenny (4) all lost 3-0. But when "Divine inspiration" was needed, up popped Ciaran Devine with a well deserved 3-2 victory over their number 2.



QUB students A vs David LLoyd B [10-3]

Steve dropped the 3 points playing as number 1. Everyone else won 3-0, dissappointingly for the spectators who were hoping for another unnecessary 5 game nail-biter from John.

QUB students B vs Lisburn Raquets C [0-13]

The students were hoping to take some points away from this match. Sadly they didn't, they were struggling without the presence of the teams natural athlete, Gareth McKeeman. Ciaren (1) was the person who came the closest to winning a game.



QUB students A vs Covehill [3-10]

Even though the score doesn't suggest it, apparently the students should have won all the matches - it's being blamed on first match back syndrome.

QUB students B vs QUB staff C [1-13]

The boys had a hard first match against a team that's usually prowling around the top of the bottom division. Ben Faser (1) got the 1 game.