Woman's Self-Defence/Self Awareness Programme


The Women’s Self Awareness/Self Defence Programme has been offered primarily to the female students of Queen’s University since the inauguration of the Q.U.B. Seidokan Karate Club and has been commended by representatives of Q.U.B. Students Union and the U.S.I. The course instructors are internationally recognised and professionally indemnified martial arts instructors and input is provided by from the PSNI.

The programme offers a comprehensive and highly practical overview of personal protection awareness and self defence strategies specifically to meet the needs of women. The programme is designed to cater for women of all ability levels and the mode of delivery is highly interactive. " Having been a previous participant of the programme, I would strongly recommend this years programme to women of all ability levels who have a genuine interest in developing their self-confidence & awareness of personal protection strategies and techniques." Ms. Fiona Mc Neill (Programme Co-ordinator)

Programme Overview

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Personal Protection Awareness.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Practical Techniques for self defence.
  • Safety in the home and in the street.
  • Actions to take in the event of an attack.


Venue: Physical Education Centre.

For registration details contact:
Fiona McNeil
Programme Co-ordinator,
E: f_mcneill@hotmail.com
W: http://www.webspinsolutions.com/psf

Please contact us at seidokan_belfast@hotmail.com