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Congratulations to all on a fantastic year to date. This year’s new members deserve a special mention for their dedication and commitment. Both technical and competitive successes have built on last year’s achievements to set an even higher standard for the Club.

Forthcomming CLUB EVENTS

‘1000 Pushups for charity session'
To raise money for the Ulster Cancer Foundation.

Accelerated learning squad training
For all members interested in competitive Karate.

Club Parties
There have been two ‘official’ parties to date and by now most Club members have discovered for themselves the effects of our ‘home brew’ for parties ; the lethal Seidokan punch. Many more ‘sloshial’ nights to follow

QUB Intervarsity Championships
- To be held on 30 March.
- Shihan Stephen Chan (7th Dan) widely regarded as one of Britain and Ireland’s foremost technical experts has kindly agreed to act as Chief Referee.
- Kent University (current British Student team title holders will be sending a team)
- A select team from the UKC made up of tite holders from throughout the North of Ireland have been invited.

Congratulations to the following Club members in their recent grading success to Yellow Belt (8 kyu) level:

  • S. Ray
  • C. Keenan
  • B. Murphy
  • D. Brennan
  • S. Scully
  • G. Corbridge
  • J. Cappa
  • D. Prior.

Titles gained so far this year include :

*UKA CHAMPIONSHIPS - 8 Feb 1996 (3 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze)

  • C. McCartney - 2nd Cadets individual and 2nd in the team event.
  • R. McAuley - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • D. Brennan - 2nd Jr. Heavyweight
  • D. McCartney - 3rd Jr.Heavyweight
  • G. Corbridge - 2nd Jr. Middleweight
  • S. Scully - 3rd Jr. Middleweight
  • M. Rice - 1st Sr. Open
  • C. O’hAilin - 2nd Sr. Open
  • M. McMullan - 3rd Sr. Open
  • UKA select team vs. UKF - 1st place. Team included C. O’hAilin and M. Rice.

*BRITISH STUDENT CHAMPIONSHIPS - 2-3 March, 1996 (1 Silver, 3 Bronze)

  • ‘Willi’ - 2nd Jr. Kata
  • ‘Fatboy’ Rice - 3rd Sr. Kata
  • ‘Slim’ Jim ‘Curry-chip’
  • McCafferty - 3rd -65kgs
  • Men’s Team - 3rd (Team included : ‘Satan’ Kearney, ‘Mad Cow’ O’hAilin, ‘Naziman’ McLaughlin, ‘Hedgehog’ McCartney, J. McCafferty, M. Rice, A.B. Williamson.)

All Club members who represented Queens returned home with medals. Speaks for itself that the standard of kata and kumite within the Club is amongst the highest in Britain and Ireland.

* NORTH WEST OPEN 10 March, 1996 (1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)

  • G. Corbridge - 3rd Jr. Middleweight
  • D. McCartney - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • R. McAuley - 2nd Jr. Heavyweight
  • D. McLaughlin - 3rd Sr. Middleweight
  • Men’s team 2nd Seidokan ‘B’ team including ; S. Ray, G. Corbridge, S. Scully, D. McCartney, ‘Lucky’ K. Hill, J. McKeown.

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