[Grading Results] [North of Ireland Open] [Seidokan Conference: Kent]

... Some of us thought we were going to have a bit of time to rest and relax over the summer ! Although many had the good fortune to escape for a summer of lounging and ‘lager, lager, lagering’ the Club has still kept up the pace with regard to training and events.

Special congratulations to Conor O’hAilin who was graded to Shodan level at this year’s international Seidokan summer camp in Kent!

Conor is the first karateka to come through the ranks within the Club and achieve this accolade from a prestigious panel which included; R.J. Hobbs (8th Dan), S. Chan (7th Dan), P. Picannini (5th Dan) and our very own M. Rice (4th Dan).

Forthcoming CLUB EVENTS
- AGM and social evening

This year’s AGM will be held in the next few months. Practising members will be kept posted regarding date and venue.

"The annual general meeting is your opportunity to decide on the course of the Club for the forthcoming year, so if you have any particular issues you wish to be included on the agenda please inform me." Fiona McNeill (Secretary)


Congratulations to the following Club members in their recent grading success

  • D. McLaughlin - 4 kyu
  • C. O’hAilin -Shodan


*NORTH OF IRELAND OPEN 29 June, 1996 (2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)

  • J. McCafferty - 1st Jr. Lightweight
  • D. Prior - 2nd Jr. Middleweight
  • D. McCartney - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • D. McLaughlin - 2nd Jr. Heavyweight
  • C. McCartney - 3rd Jr. Heavyweight

Fabulous results at the most prestigious competition in the North of Ireland. Gerry Flemming (Scottish Coach) was impressed with the standard of our male team who nearly caused the biggest upset to the competition in the first round against his black belt squad.

Shihan R.J. Hobbs lead the four day training regime which was extremely comprehensive for such a short course and included everything from White Crane to Ekku, with Hobbs’ ‘proven in combat’ groundwork thrown in for good measure.
The number of kata covered increased some Club members kata repertoire twofold and succeeded in frying the brains of some of our more senior representatives. Work-rate was intense from the word ‘Hajime’, with an acrobatic warm-up lead by Shihan Picannini of Italy on the first day and every day after, but we were pleased to note that our colleges from UniKent have been training hard to increase their tolerance to alcohol ... looking forward to the ‘rematch’ on home ground !

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