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Nominees for 94-95 academic year include;

  • Conor O’hAilin,
  • M. McMullan,
  • D. McLaughlin.

Due to the infancy of the Club, Full Blues were not conferred to those nominated. However, it may be possible for them to receive Half Blues next year. Apparently Full Blues are not conferred until two years after a Club has received Half Blues, regardless of the standard of the nominees. Thanks though to Stephen Conway (President) for all the hard work compiling the Blues information and proposals.

Club gradings shall be on-going throughout July. Belts attained so far;

  • A. Kearney - 6 kyu
  • L. Cheung, D. McLaughlin
  • F. McNeill - 7 kyu

30 July - Shihan J. Lyman (4th Dan) Okinawan weapons and tuite course.
September - Eligible members are invited to attend the NIIC coaching course modules and UKC referees’ course. October - Ulster Championships in early
October with plans to be finalised for a Ticky Donovan kumite course later on in the month.

Further information regarding courses and events will be passed on as details are finalised. Be assured however that the remainder of the year is going to be hectic !

DONEGAL OPEN - JUNE - Medal winners:

  • C. McMullan - 1st Jr. Middleweight
  • M. Rice - 1st Sr. Heavyweight

Congratulations to all who participated.
Although we didn’t enter a team of our own, C. O’hAilin and M. Rice from the Club represented the UKA team and placed second.


  • D. McLaughlin - 1st Jr. Middleweight
  • A. Kearney - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • P. Mullan - 2nd Jr. Heavyweight

Well done ! Great achievement to hold on to the Jr. Heavyweight title and pick up the Jr. Middleweights as well.

The Club has completed one entire year on the competition circuit in the North of Ireland and we have amassed a tidy wee collection of medals to date (i.e. 40-50 ?). The hard work and dedication of everyone who has represented the Club and the University in competition has helped promote ourselves within the martial arts community and has gained the Club the reputation of a quality dojo.

"Competition is a window of opportunity for learning which is only open for a certain period of time in one’s martial arts lifetime." (S. Chan)

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