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Well, we’ve finally received confirmation that our nominations for the Blues award have been accepted for both last year and this year’s nominees...

1994 - 1995 Blues recipients

  • Aiden Kearney
  • Conor O’hAilin
  • Declan McLaughlin
  • Michael McMullan

1995 - 1996 Blues recipients

  • Aiden Kearney
  • Conor O’hAilin
  • Declan McLaughlin
  • Michael McMullan
  • Fiona McNeill
  • Martin Rice

Well done to all of the above for displaying a high over-all standard over the course of the year to meet our stringent blues requirements.

Forthcomming CLUB EVENTS

- End of year session (drinking, not training variety)
- North of Ireland Open - 29 June, 1996
- International Summer Camp - July

Congratulations to the following Club members in their recent grading success

  • C. Keenan, B. Murphy, D. McCartney, S. Rea, C. McCartney, - 7 kyu
  • F. McNeill - 6 kyu
  • D. McLaughlin - 5 kyu
  • M. McMullan, C. McMullan A, Kearney, - 4 kyu


*QUB INTERVARSITY CHALLENGE 30 March 1996 (4 gold, 8 silver, 3 bronze)

  • A. Kearney - 3rd Jr. Kata
  • M. Rice - 3rd Sr. Kata
  • F. McNeill - 2nd Female Open
  • J. McCafferty - 2nd Jr.Lightweight
  • A. Kearney - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • D. McCartney - 2nd Jr. Heavyweight
  • C. McMullan - 3rd Jr. Heavyweight
  • QUB Females - 1st Female Team (x3)
  • QUB Males - 2nd Male Team (x5)

Great to see the females pull a remarkable result out of the bag and win against the select UKC squad in the electrifying final of the female team event. WELL DONE LADIES !

Our males did well to win against British Student Team Champions Kent, but were unlucky in the finals to a select UKC squad made up of former and current national and international champions.

Remember, the Club does not close up for the summer. So if you’re still in Belfast, see you at training, if not, have an enjoyable summer.

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