During the course of the past year the Club has undoubtedly gone from strength to strength...
In April we enjoyed the training weekend in Ballinasloe, County Mayo. Much emphasis on technical development of the Club. Oisin Martin was presented with the Spirit Award for outstanding commitment and dedication.

[Grading Results] [North of Ireland Open] [Ulster Karate Championships] [Womans Self-defence/Self-Awareness Programme]

Grading Results
In May the Club held its first grading session with the Chairman of the Ulster Karate Council in attendance. Belts attained were as follows:

  • Conor O’hAilin - 5 kyu
  • C. McMullan, O. Martin, M. McMullan, P. Conlon - 8 kyu

North of Ireland Open
The month of June was spent entirely on an accelerated learning program of competition kumite rules, techniques and strategy in order to prepare for the North of Ireland Championships at the start of July. This prestigious event attracted many top quality athletes from Britain and Ireland including Wayne Otto and Molly Samuels. Congratulations once more to the excellent performances of :

  • P. Conlon - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • O. Martin - 3rd Jr. Heavyweight

Not a bad start to your competition careers lads !

Ulster Karate Championships
The Club was honoured with the opportunity of hosting the Ulster Championships in October. Each Club member entered in the competition placed in at least one event :

  • P. Conlon - 1st Jr. Heavyweight
  • M. McMullan - 1st Jr. Middleweight
  • C. McMullan - 2nd Jr. Middleweight
  • J. O’Loan - 3rd Jr. Middleweight
  • C. O’hAilin - 3rd.Sr. Heavyweight
  • M. Rice - 3rd Sr. Kata
  • ‘A’ team - 3rd Open Team Kumite

This result catapulted the Club into the forefront of the province’s leading competitive clubs and earned us the reputation of having a formidable team ... all-in-all not bad for a previously unheard of style and a handful of karateka with but a few months kumite experience!

The Club began the Women’s Self Defence / Self Awareness programme in November. This program was run in conjunction with the Students Union with input from the RUC. Due to the success of this event, the Union has asked us to run the course on a regular basis in the future.

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