The Queens University of Belfast (QUB) Seidokan Club was founded in 1993. The Club initially attracted many new and experienced martial artists interested in practical self-defence and competition. Within a very short period of time the QUB Club became recognized as one of the leading Martial Arts Clubs in Northern Ireland. The QUB Seidokan Club remains the hombu (headquarters) club for the Seidokan Association throughout the whole of Ireland and further afield.

The Club has successfully produced many Black Belt practitioners and champions. The first individual to progress to Black Belt level within the Club was Conor Allen from Galway, followed closely by Declan McLaughlin from L/Derry and Damien McCartney from Belfast. Fiona McNeill from Ballycastle was the first female to achieve her Black Belt in Seidokan and is the Director of Self Defence Programmes for Seidokan throughout Ireland.

The practical focus of the Association and reputation for Martial Arts excellence has attracted many members from all over Ireland and further afield. Many women's groups and voluntary organizations have used Seidokan to train their staff in self defence strategies and Queens University uses Seidokan as a primary strategy for promoting student safety on campus.

The Seidokan Association has grown to become holistic Martial Arts Organisation embracing both traditional martial arts and contemporary self defence systems where a culture of learning and personal development is encouraged.

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