Fiona McNeill


Position: Instructor - Sandan (3rd Dan)


Fiona McNeill is the founder of the widely acclaimed Personal Safety First (PSF) organisation and has an established reputation as an expert on personal safety issues both within Northern Ireland and internationally. She developed the Women's Self Defence and Personal Safety Awareness Programme for Queens University in the mid 1990s and continues to run the programme that has grown to become a core feature in the University's strategy to promote personal safety awareness amongst the student population.

Fiona is a professionally indemnified Martial Arts Instructor and an internationally recognised 3rd Dan Black Belt in Seidokan and Shorin Ryu Karate. She was the first female to ever be awarded the prestigious 'BLUES' award for Karate by Queens University for outstanding sporting achievement and has won numerous local and national titles for both her technical and fighting ability. Fiona has international level competition experience as a member of the Northern Ireland Karate Squad.

Fiona has delivered workshops and personal safety programmes for a range of private individuals and organisations locally and internationally. She comments:

"Personal safety awareness is becoming increasingly important for all ages of people. We work hard to educate and inform individuals and organisations of the need to give personal safety issues the level of attention that's required to promote and ensure a healthy and safe environment during and beyond work."

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