Student Community Action
Queen's University Of Belfast Students' Union

The Student Community Action Management Committee

The SCA Management Committee meets twice a month throughout the academic year and is responsible for administration, development, finance, fundraising, project initiation and generally anything you can think of.(L) Conor McAuley, (R) Brian Lacey

There are a grand total of 15 members, including 5 SCA Directors elected at our Annual General Meeting, 5 representatives of the Students' Union Council, 3 Students' Union Officers and 2 harshly named "co-optees".

Of course, it's hard enough getting 15 people to a Students' Union meeting let alone a Committee, so most of the time it comes down to a core group consisting of a Students' Union Officer and the SCA Directors.

Owing to the composition of the Committee, some members leave and are replaced every Easter, July and November. This means that there should be a regular amount of fresh blood to keep SCA alive!

Who's Who On The Committee 2002-2003...

Chairman : Brian Lacey

The Chairman is the primary spokesperson for SCA outside the Union and University. He convenes and chairs all meetings of the SCA Management Committee and any SCA General Meetings.
Brian graduated with a BSc in 2002. He has just started his third year as SCA Chairman, and was the SCA Executive Officer in 2000-2001. He was also the Student Volunteering Officer for the Northern Ireland Student Movement for 2001-2002, and is a member of the UK Council Of Student Volunteers review body. He has been actively involved in the student movement for over 5 years, and is now the President of Belfast Institute Students' Union.
Secretary : Leon O'Hagan
The Secretary keeps all written documentation belonging to SCA. He prepares agendae and takes minutes for the SCA Management Committee and any SCA General Meetings.
Leon is studying Pharmacy. He was the SCA Executive Officer in 2001-2002. When not studying drugs Leon is a rampart party animal, and can often be seen lying around Botanic Avenue with a large bottle of Buckfast.

Treasurer : Andy Ward

The role of the Treasurer is to supervise  any transactions carried out by  SCA. This job is effectively performed, however, by the Executive Officer. 
Andy is studying History and Politics, and has just begin his third term in office as Mature Students' Officer in the Union. He is currently the Deputy Convenor at NUS-USI the Northern Ireland Student Movement. He is the official People's Champion of the entire world, and a great disco dancer.

Executive Officer : Adam Shanks

The Executive Officer is responsible for initiating and managing community projects, and for maintaining regular contact between SCA and the UK Council Of Student Volunteers and Student Volunteering UK. In practice, the Executive Officer is also the Treasurer of SCA. 
Adam is a 2nd Year Politics and Modern History undergraduate, particularly keen on attracting more student volunteering this year whilst also raising the profile of SCA. He's an avid fan of Blackburn Rovers (for his sins) and travelling whenever he gets the chance. He's been interrailing aroung Italy, France, Hungary, etc, and he spent a whole summer drinking in Scotland last year. Adam was also at the Belfast and Aberdeen Beer Festivals! 

Publicity Representative: Vacant

The Publicity Representative is responsible for representing the views of the Publicity Sub-Committee to the SCA Management Committee.

If you're interested in becoming the Publicity Representative, please contact us.

Fundraising Representative : Niamh Downey

The Fundraising Representative is responsible for representing the views of the Fundraising Sub-Committee to the SCA Management Committee. 
Niamh is currently a member of the Organising Team for the 2003 Student Volunteering UK Conference. She likes her men. She loves her men. "Yum Yum. I love men" she says.
Co-Opted Members : Laura McKimm and Vacant

Students' Union Council Representatives

Niamh Downey

Gerard Graham

Louise Hill

Jonathon Stevenson

David Cahoon

The current SCA Management Committee is constitutionally a committee of the Council, and as such it consists of members of the Council and reports back to it. The Representatives ensure that as broad a spectrum of opinion on community projects as possible is brought to the Committee. 

Students' Union President : Mary Durkan

The Union President is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Union. 
Students' Union Deputy PresidentCora Groogan
The Union Deputy President is responsible for the campaigns and communications of the Union.