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Sailing is strongly influenced by wind conditions. If the wind is too light or too strong sailing cannot take place. The recommended conditions for beginners is wind speeds between 3 and 10 knots. Check the weather forecast for the Belfast area using the following link BBC 5 DAY Forecast. Wind strength can vary during the day so you should check the daily forecast also BBC 24 hr Forecast.


Coastal waters and rivers are affected by tides, generally for sailing on the River Lagan this is usually not of concern to us, however the River Lagan is affected by tides, currents generally become stronger as the tide is going out or coming in. However if you are sailing at sea you must be fully aware of tides and not sail when currents are becoming stronger, tides can be checked using the following link BBC Tide Tables.

Last Updated February 1st, 2008 QUB Sailing club