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Queens University Sailing Club

The QUB Sailing Club organises sailing courses, events, etc for QUB students.

Generally the club sails at two locations Lagan Watersports center and Holywood Yacht club. However the club also attends races and RYA (Royal Yacht Association) courses at other clubs from time to time.


There is little known about the history of the QUB Sailing Club, so if you happen to know more about the club, we would like to hear from you.

We recently found out that the QUB Sailing club won the Irish sailing intervarsities trophy in 1981 and in 1994.

Most is known about the 1997/98 club from the old 1998 club website. The 1998 club also sailed on the River Lagan using boats provided by the Lagan Water Sports Center mainly Toppers. The 1998 club owned two boats a Lark and a GP14. From the old website the Lark seemed to be in working order, however the GP14 seemed to be in a bad way. What happened to these boats is unknown.

We believe the club was non-existant between 1999 and 2004. The club was reorganised in 2005/06 however it only run for that year. The 2005/06 club was run at either Holywood Yacht Club or Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club nothing else is known about its activities.

The club did not run the year 2006/07.

The present 2007/08 club is now up and running.

Last Updated June 10th, 2008 QUB Sailing club