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Queen's Riding Club - Lesson Groups

Here are the groupings decided by the instructor. If you are not on the list, you may choose which lesson you want to ride in for the first week, but you may be moved. You can ride in a group which is lower than the one you have been assigned if you wish, but not one that is higher.


Beginners' lesson: 2pm Novice lesson: 2pm
Hazel Auld
Jane Lindsay
Gemma Calgie
Catherine MacAuley
Clare Cochrane Rachel Murray
Fiona Doherty
Laurie Ollia
Anderinna Gooch
Brian O'Melia
Kerry O'Donoghue Gillian Haggarty
Chloe Kyle
Nicola Zlodicki
Andrea Doherty
Joanne McFeely

Clare McCafferty

Lindsay Pharr

Rhonda McIlwane

Sarah MacHniewski

Intermediate lesson: 1pm/3pm Advanced lesson: 4pm
Alison Kennedy
Rosann Craig
Jennifer McAlinden
Sarah Lavery
Laura McBride
Clare Morrow
Joy McElroy Clare Parkinson
Nicola McFaden Vicki Titterington
Abigail Gautreau Emma Wallace
Selina Sharpe
Bronagh Conway
Elizabeth Savory
Nicola Robinson
Leigh Graham
Clare Love
Ursula Clarke

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