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Queen's Riding Club - Photos

Summer Games, May 2005 - Lessans Riding Stables, Saintfield

  Joanne McC, Gillian, Selina, Rachel M, Nicola, Clare, Elizabeth, Joanne McF, Abby, Joy, Rachel L, and Dervla

The Yellow Team - Dervla on Wesley,Nicola on Milo, Clare on Womble, Rachel M on Dillon, and Joanne McF on Jacob

The Blue Team - Abby on Toby, Joy on Kaz, Vicky on Olga, and Joanne on Malibou

The Orange Team -Gillean on Sasha, Rachel on Polly, Elizabeth on Smurf, and Selina on Zazu

Dervla, Nicola, Rachel L, Clare P, Selina, Rachel M, Gilean, Joanne McF, Elizabeth, Vicky, Abby, Joanne and Joy
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