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Sample Resolution 3

Concerning Human Rights In The Middle East For Palestinians

Human Rights And Refugees Commitee
Submitted By: Lebanon
Co-Submitted By: Iran, Russia

Noting with deep concern and disappointment that Israel has constantly ignored and manipulated resolutions posed by the U.N in regard to the treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories,

Taking into account that Israel have already broken several Human Rights’ Laws and U.N resolutions

Recalling the Sabra and Chatilla of Southern Lebanon massacre in 1983, where 100,000 Palestinian refugees (including women and children) were murdered,

Fully believing that Israel simply use their strong relationship with the world's most powerful nation to manipulate and breach any rule and regulation they please,

Further recalling Israeli Army officers using Palestinian Civilians (a further breach of a U.N resolution) when they invaded the Palestinian town of Jenin, furthermore Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in detention centres. The prisoners are not allowed to call a lawyer for fair representation, neither are they allowed the right to any form of communication with the outside world for periods of up to more than two weeks, the prisoners (many of whom are innocent and happen to be detained because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time) are subject to physical force when being interrogated,
  1. Expresses its hope that all member countries and leaders will assess the inhuman treatment of the Palestinian people, and to help stop Israel breaching laws of Human Rights;
  2. Requests U.N inspectors and Peace Keepers to inspect the conflicted area, detention centers and prisons;
  3. Calls for a greater effort from all U.N delegations to get involved and come up with solutions to solve this worsening conflict for the good of World Peace;
  4. Recommends that the U.S.A should condemn Israel’s actions to a fuller extent;
  5. Implores U.N to furthermore investigate the current situation of human rights in the area and to investigate, and hopefully take stronger action into Israel breaching the U.N resolutions and the Laws of Human Rights.
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