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Sample Resolution 2

Regarding Lebanese and Palestinian detainees

Human Rights And Refugees Commitee
Submitted By: Lebanon
Co-Submitted By: Iran

Noting with deep disappointment and regret that many Lebanese Civilians are still detained in several Israeli Prison Camps

Deeply disturbed by Israelís methods of kidnapping suspected criminals and detaining them in human conditions in breach of international human rights regulations In Israeli prison camps

Further Noting
  • Israel continue the delay of release for most detainees, and breach human rights by not giving them the chance of proper representation or a proper trial,
  • Israel breaching nearly every International Law in regard to the Lebanese Detainees,
  • Condemning Israelís actions of suspending prisoners as hostages,
Approving Amnesty International denouncing; Israel violating Human Rights laws of Lebanese and Palestinian detainees, and Israel bulldozing thousands of Palestinian houses illegally,
  1. Calls for support from other United Nation delegations, and members of the Arab League to denounce Israelís actions, and call for the release of Lebanese and Palestinian detainees, and fair representation of detainees;
  2. Declares accordingly that Israel should compensate detainees and their families for breaches of their Human Rights, and on account for illegal arrest;
  3. Further invites the United Nations to impose economic and industrial sanctions on Israel for their injust actions, and disgraceful behavior;
  4. Strongly recommends that United Nations peacekeepers and inspectors should access the current situations of Lebanese and Palestinian detainees in Israeli Prison camps, the abduction of suspected Criminals/Terrorists;
  5. Further invites United Nations Inspectors and Peacekeepers to access Israelís policy of bulldozing Palestinians houses, and furthermore, taking appropriate action against Israel;
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