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Sample Resolutions

Regarding the Question of Cheynia

Alarmed by the presence of Chechen and foreign national terrorists in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia,
Deeply concerned by the inaction of the Georgian government in co-operating to extinguish this hotbed of terrorist activity,
Noting that both the terrorist guilty of the 1999 outrage in Volgodonsk and a Moroccan national are known to be operating in the Gorge,
Having considered the recent loss of 118 Russian troops killed by a missile fired by terrorists operating in this region,
Taking into account the consequences of allowing Taliban regime in Afganistan to harbour terrorists indefinitely,
Keeping in mind Russia's history of acting as a mediator in Georgia's problems, notably as peace-keeper in the conflict with the Abkhazia province;
  1. Accepts the recognition by the USA of the terrorist presence in the Pankisi Gorge,
  2. Demands that Georgia agree to allow Russian troops to co-operate in a full-scale operation to seek and destroy the malign forces posing as a serious threat to Russian security,
  3. Demands that Georgia extradite any terrorists they may already holdm
  4. Expresses the hope that Georgia and all other nations will respect Russia's natural right to self-defence and ensure the general stability of the region.
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