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  1. There will be a meeting of the Model United Nations on the following dates-
    Thursday 4th November 5-7pm
    Thursday 11th November 5-6.30pm

    These meetings will take place in the Conference Room in the Studentsí Union. The Conference Room is on the Third Floor, accessible only by the second flight of stairs (opposite the Bank of Ireland)

    All members and non-members are welcome to attend. The committee will be elected at the first meeting.

    Hope to see you there.

  2. In-House Debate.

    We plan to hold an in-house debate on the situation in Sudan in the near future. Date/time/place will be posted here and an email sent to the mailing list. If you wish to join the mailing list contact the QUBMUN inbox.

    If you are interested in taking part in this debate then you can reserve the country you wish to represent by emailing the QUBMUN inbox. Before formal debate begins there will be a brief introduction to procedure for anyone who is new to MUN. This will be accompanied by a balloon debate. This debate will be suited to beginners to MUN so feel free to come along.


    Anyone who would like to go to Oxford or Cambridge should come to the in-house debate and contact the committee as soon as possible. These are major events in the MUN calendar and it is important that Queen's is represented.

    Flights are still quite cheap..
    OXIMUN 5th-7th November
    CUIMUN 19th-21st November

    Conference Topics:
    OXIMUN 5th-7th November

    Security Council
    The question of state-sponsored terrorism
    An urgent international crisis situation

    Special Political
    The question of conditional foreign aid
    The question of Kurdish self-determinish after Iraqi independence

    The question of the reduction of non-strategic nuclear weapons
    The question of arms proliferation in Central Africa

    Human Rights
    The question of multinational corporations' responsibility for the protection of human rights
    The responsibility of occupying powers in ensuring human rights

    The question of indigenous people and good governance
    The question of sustainable rural development

    European council
    The question of the Turkish Candidacy
    The Question of Euroforce, and the relationship with NATO

    Crisis Committee

    CUIMUN 19th-21st November

    Security Council
    The situation in Sudan

    Situatuation in Iraq/Kurdish state in Iraq?

    The economic impact of HIV/AIDS

    The use of culling

    Peace-keeping and Disarmament
    Nuclear Iran and Peaceful and Safe use of Outer Space

    Human Rights and Refugees
    Trafficking of women and children

    International Court of Justice
    Legal case of Armenia vs Azerbaijan

  4. QUBMUN Committee

    A position on the QUBMUN committee is a great way to get involved. A number of positions have arisen and they are open to members old and new. Our committee consists of the following members:

    1.) President
    2.) Vice-President
    3.) Treasurer
    4.) Secretary
    5.) Workshop Co-ordinator
    6.) Entertainment Manager
    7.) Web Manager