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Model United Nations Society Conferences

Cambridge 21st- 23rd Nov 2003
MUN Cambridge was the first ever Model United Nations that Queens had ever attended. Having been allocated France things were made no easier as we had a big role to play within the conference. However under our presidents leadership and downright stubbornness (he has done 5 MUNs before including U.S.A in Cambridge for which he is fondly remembered by) the job was made a lot easier. Hamish represented Queens in the security council were debating post war constructed Iraq and the Israeli security fence whilst Jonathan Donnellan (aka Terry) represented France in the political committee on the continuing situation in North Korea and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. Both achieved resolutions through extensive debate and negotiation that would have satisfied the French Government whilst Hamish showed the delegates from Edinburgh how to down pints of Guinness. Cambridge is one of the biggest conferences in the UK and considering that we were able to hold our own ground was great credit to the university. Special mention must go to Jonny who far exceeded expectations during Cambridge and did a fantastic job for a first time delegate.

Edinburgh 30th Jan-1st Feb 2004
This was to be our second conference and again we were assigned a major country in terms of the United Kingdom. Hamish and Joe McAleer were representing Queens this time, Hamish being in the Security Council and Joe in Peacekeeping and Disarmament. This was Edinburgh's first ever conference so we had no idea what to expect and were slightly apprehensive considering that our president and Edinburgh's president had never seen eye to eye. What we got was a warm reception and a brilliant Friday night out which will be remembered for many drunken antics. Debate in the Security Council was on the Question of Cyprus and the ongoing conflict in Liberia. Hamish put his all into trying to make the proceedings more enjoyable by acknowledging that Northern Cyprus was its own sovereign country and that the UK should send troops into Liberia sending shock waves throughout the conference. Again we passed successful resolutions as in Cambridge. Edinburgh was a truly enjoyable conference from the chairing to the nights out. Brilliant stuff.

London 27th -29th Feb
If Cambridge is one of the largest conferences in the UK, London is one of the biggest in Europe. With delegates from all over Europe this conference is probably the pinnacle of the Model United Nations calendar for domestic societies. Queen's was not intending to go until three days before the conference until Oxford kindly offered our president a place on their French delegation. For once Hamish was not in the Security Council but in a Special Middle Eastern conference talking about the question of Palestine and the reconstruction of Iraq - Hamish's pet topics. From the word go it seemed that the Israeli delegation was weak and ineffective so Hamish went about to pass a resolution which would achieve ‘justice’ for the past 30 years and Israel's non-compliance with UN resolutions. As far as Iraq went France abstained - France wanted her money back from Iraq and wasn't prepared to allow all debts to Iraq to be suspended. All in all a sound conference.
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