Christmas Party '99

Christmas '99. A trip to Pizza Hut, then on to the Limelight.

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Gallery Description
Ali and Dave1 chatting in a kitchen
Andrew playing guitar at Johnny's house
Corm doing another Scouser impression
Dave2 doing his elvis the priest impression
Dave1 doing his elvis the hawaiian cook impression
Gemma, Leah, Grainne, Janet and Johnny(Johnette???)
Gubby standing there just being blonde
Jimmy shows us where he hid all the pizza, and Dave2 just says a quiet prayer
There were obviously some 'strange' mushrooms on some of those pizzas Jimmy was eating at
Jimmy in his cowboy phase
Kieran in his first of many impressions - Rod Stewart
Russell and Keith trying to block out Peter Tweed from posing
Gubby is giving 'Rod Stewart' a hand doing up his fly
Kieran is now doing either Freddy Mercury or The Edge
I do not believe I have ever seen anyone as happy as Rob is. I wonder what he's doing to Gemma and Gubby below the photoline
Rob and Jimmy indulge in some 'cool' posing...aye right boys...yez look like a pair of tossers.
Rob, Johnny and Jimmy at the pizza table
Rob's away for a know he's gonna enjoy himself
As Russell breaks in to his rendition of 'Love Me Tender', Julien looks away for another slice of pizza to stuff in his ears.