Christmas Party '98

This is the vanity section. People send us photos sometimes, and here they are.

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Gallery Description
Simon from the Coleraine club's best side. Sabine and Emer in the background.
Emer and Sabine.
Sean, Inga, Sabine, Jamie and THE SHIRT.
THE SHIRT THE RETURN starring Jamie, Sabine, Inga and the Mascott, and THE WAISTCOAT.
Assorted Coleraine peoples.
Sean, Sabine, Inga and the train.
Stephen getting a barrel in some unknown west coast beach
Jamie - MOMBASA!!!
Sean and Johnnie and the SHIRT and a wee bit of a beard.
Jimmy getting his foundation renewed by Johnny.
Coleraine Offspring imitator.
Sabine - stuffing her face.... with food. ( Hello Sabine, from everyone in Belfast ).
Sean and Johnny taking it easy.

That's all we have at the mo.

Send us some in if you have them...cheers.