Stories and Scandal

The stories are random occurences during the life of the club so far. They're probably quite shite.

Well, here they are anyway.

Story Description
Gubby vs Train During the first year of the club, 98-99 I think, Gubby had while hassle just getting round places. Here's a few things that happened to him.
Xmas '98 Christmas '98 we were invited to Portrush for a fancy dress dinner. Er...well, we thought it was fancy dress.
Bundoran day '99 Sometime round Easter '99 we headed off to Bundoran to get bevvied and surf a bit in between pubs.
Beach party '99 Obviously we thought we hadn't been out enough during the year, so we decided we'd have a beach party just to even things up.
Limelight A typical night at the limelight.