Snowboarding 2000

February 2000, a wee trip to Garmisch Parten-Kirchen or something like that. Dermot moved there for a year, and we flew over to make sure he was still drinking enough. In return he showed us how to fall down a mountain side ...stylishly.

Finally - these are NEW - Janets Snowboarding pictures ...Old pics down the bottom

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Gallery Description
Corm in action - one of the first times
Corm reseting his ankle at the top of the rope lift
This has to be one of the best pictures of Corm wasted. He has been Zombied.
Dermots is longer than everyone elses. ( ooooooh Matron ). Johnny, Corm, Dermot, Keiran, Jamie
A rare picture of everyone upright at the same time - just about. (Corm, Ronan, Keiran, Janet, Jamie, Johnny)
This is called the domino effect - one person falls over and everybody lies on the ground for hours waiting to be speed humps for 3 year olds.
Da GUYS struttin in Innsbrucke town
Ok - this is a great wee squence. It begins with Jamie ice cool - shades and everything....
Putting on a bit of speed now. Arms are out a bit... Things starting to get away from him....
All goes pear shaped. Classic.
The girl herself (Janet) in action
Keiran and Johnny - takin a break in the restaurant where the rest of them were hiding for the day.
This is why - the oul' knees take quite a batterin.
There's nothing I can say about this picture that you wont have already thought of yourself..... absolutely legendary picture. Thought I would include it here again as well as on the front page.
Ronan and Corm - those things are 2 litre buckets of shots called Zombies. Look at Corms face - you know I'm not lying.
Keiran listens for a response to his spontaneous manic fit of yodle-ing in the general direction of Innsbruck. Thats the river Inn by the way.

Old Snowboarding pictures - they've been up a while
Gallery Description
A view from a balcony somewhere in Germany...Paula's Pension in Innsbruck, Austria maybe when I think about it
Innsbruck cemetery. Johnnie's photo.
Left to right. Corm, Sabine and her head scratching, Jimmy and his nose-picking, Johnny and his arse-clawing, Kieran, and Janet.
Mt. Wank, Germany
Horse and carriage in Seefeld
Innsbruck streets
Corm and Janet positively ripping up the snow. (tail-end of a black slope)
Dermot's mate, Ronan flashing his ass with a pass. He's been boarding a while now ( Friad not Jamie, that happens to be me stickin me arse out for the camera - you know I never miss a chance - Johnny. Ronan was wearing grey and white.)
Johnny taking a gliding break from the speed
Johnny on his ass, had to happen sometime
Close-up of Johnny while on ski-lift
Johnny just before he descends via a blue slope.
Kieran's so cool, he makes the snow look hot
Kieran and Johnny moving so fast, they've broken the sound barrier (see the big flash)
Kieran on his merry way.
Pure exhaustion.Kieran was one moment sitting up talking, then he just keeled out and fell over
Palmer's lingerie shop in Innsbruck...Jimmy is somewhere in the shade there
Ronan living dangerously...sliding just between trees and posts and shit.
Sabine just before a really fecking steep slope.
Nice sunset piccy over Seefeld while we were waiting for the train.
7 nights on a hard floor.