Port Ballintrae

Ian and a few of his mates headed up to Port Ballintrae for a naughty weekend in his Uncle's Cottage.

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Gallery Description
Dave on the floor
Dave in a hat in a dark room
It's always best to set up your refreshments close at hand whilst driving, to stop you overreaching and perhaps losing control of the car
Ian and his new best mate
Ian and Dave doing a bit of swillying
Seductive Ian...hmmm...
Ian scranning up
Johnny can't help but show off his new socks he knitted
Some guy called Mo in his u.p.'s
Mo tucking in like his stomach had a hole
Mo realising he has to chew the damn food
Peter looking very happy being in bed(alone)
The porno bog sprayer
Don't remember Santa looking like this...oh...it's Peter Tweed
Two fearless spearfishers...watch out body-boarders