Photo Gallery

Here we collect and display any photos we think people may laugh or barf at.

If you have any photos you want to submit, e-mail them to us That's if you have them on computer of course. Or else bring them along to a meeting and we'll scan them and give you back your photos probably.

So far we have :

Gallery Description
Bundoran & Oz The latest comp in Bundoran plus some extras from ones away on holiday
Snowboarding A select few journeyed to Germany/Austria to try a new way to kill yourself
Waves Satisfy your urge to look at beautiful waves here...
Bundoran day '99 A day trip to Bundoran
Members Own Random photos sent to us by people in the club, or their mates
Japan '99 Johnny went to Japan and here's what happened him
Australia '99 Jimmy & Corm tried surfing upside down and here's what happened...
West Coast '99 Johnny & Co. take a quiet weekend's break on the west coast
Portrush, Nov 99 Some stuff that happened in Portrush on one of our many trips up there...
Competition WooHOO!!! We finally entered a competition and came third!!!
Beach Party '99 This collection is mainly for the people who were there, to help them...remember...just in case they have any difficulties
Christmas '99 More drunk people thinking they're stupid...or funny...or both
Christmas '98 The same drunk people, but a year younger
Bundoran Wknd '99 One of our trips to Bundoran had a strange effect on a few of our members...
Port Ballintrae This is getting worrying...the amount of drunken people in the gallery...surely this is a surf site??? Where are all the surfers???