Australia '99

Koala's, kangaroo's, didgeridoo's and beer. Jimmy and Corm avoided all of these except the last one.

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Gallery Description
Beach1, somewhere near Melbourne
Beach2, somewhere near Cairns
Beach3, somewhere near Port Douglas
Jim and Andrew um...posing
Beach4, near Port Douglas again
Corm's lost in the woods
Some great barrier reef coral
Jimmy and Corm getting the same wave
Corm pulling a big grin for the camera
The best wave corm got all summer
The pinnacles desert just north of Perth
Jimmy about to drown
Jimmy and all his new ozzie mates
Sydney opera house
Somebody fed Jimmy sugar again...
Jimmy looking for more sugar presumably...
Corm and Jimmy falling down rapids in a raft
Again another rafting shot, this time they look a bit happier
Andrew and Jimmy again, to be honest I don't know what they're up to here...
Jimmy trying to outdo the natives...
Nice sunset over the blue mountains near syndey (near = 1000 miles or so)
Nice sunny shot of the sea off the coast of Perth
Sydney' skyline at night.