Members Line-up

As each member of the club passes through their life, we like to sit back and watch all the wee stupid things they do, write them down and wait for blackmailing opportunities. In the mean time, enjoy the ones we couldn't make money from...

Don't worry, we expect the same back from them...

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Caroline - Club President and full time blonde
Aisha - Club Treasurer and Fashion Victim
Liz - Club Secretary and Officer and Olympic Weight Lifter
Johnny - Ex-Club President
Janet - Ex-Club Treasurer, Correspondant and General Dogsbody
Jimmy - Ex-Club V.P. and Major
Ian - Ex-Club Secretary and Full time Chauffeur
Chris - Drop Knee Addict
Kieran - Driver for the A-team and is allergic , also known as Rob
Anna and Aisha - can I just say...
Corm - Can spell hippopotamus correctly when drunk, and does fabulous Scouser impersonations
Emer - has recently resurfaced after 3 years spent doing undercover work in America for the ghost of Jimi Hendrix and spending loads of cash doing it. That wig gets around doesn't it...Corm, Helen, Emer...who's next???
Aisling - Never surfed on water in her life but likes to dip things in her beer

More people are to be included here as soon as I get time so dont stress if youre not on here yet.

Past Members Line-up

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Russel - Originally from the planet Spikania, can resume to former Russ'elle entity and melt sand with his fingertips and turn the resulting glob into small powerful computers
Leah - Last seen driving her dad's car through an offy window and making off with a 48pk of Steiger
  Grainne - has spent the last three years increasing her tolerance level up to 2.5 pints
Ali - spends time in Cambridge trying to bumrush Jeremy Paxman so he can get on University Challenge
Sabine - when not falling off mountains, is content to headbutt hard metal poles for fun
Dermot - the Irish Sean Connery of German accents...if that makes sense
Sean - Last seen heading off to Papua New Guinea to fight off small monkeys with ears bigger than his. His wish is to be the Ear Champion of Lower Co. Antrim
Helen - has dreams of becoming a 'pharmacist'. We've heard rumours that she has contacts in Ballymena, reknowned Heroin capital of N.Ireland, but it doesn't look like she's on Heroin now...
Imelda - Helen's side kick. Want's to offer door to door 'pharmacy' service but unfortunately she doesn't realise doors down need pharmacueticals. Photo courtesy of Crimewatch UK