Bundoran Weekend'99

A weekend in Bundoran during Easter '99.

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Gallery Description
Russell and his prehensile hair
Ali and the random hand
Johnny trying to come on to Ali
Johnny and Ali just emerging from the depths
Ali is sporting this summer's latest fashion for homosexuals
Jamie enjoying a good rub
Johnny showing everyone his remarkable gift. His toe gap is nearly wide enough to fit in a beermat
Clair and Emer in a car boot sale...we got nearly 6p for both of them
Emer and her purse
Emer and her board
Emer and a beer can down her back
Emer and her fingers
Wetsuit football
Wetsuit football again...jeez these captions are interesting aren't they.
Gary just before he is hosed
Gubby immensely happy he has a pint and not pissed himself yet
Johnny seems to be happy about something too
Johnny and Emer up to no good. These captions could have been written for a children's book or something
Russell getting his daily head treatment
Russell's head used for a tug-o-war
Jimmy demonstrating his fantastic talent of balancing
Russell's back...great huh?
Russell's front, not so great...