Bundoran And Oz 2001

Right, this is how it was
Mixed up are photos from Oz and Bundoran.
We kept them together because we thought the two places were so similar
In Bundoran QUB came 10th and 4th altogether.
Sarah Bracken came 3rd Womens Stand-Up
Chris 'Spandex' McCavanagh came 3rd BodyBoard
Gary McClintock came 4th BodyBoard

All in all a good effort chaps

As for oz, well. Everybody scored well in the sunshine :)

Gallery Description
Chris - In a hurry to get a carryout...
Chris looking pissed off, still looking for his carryout
Aisha and Anna know where Chris's carryout is...shh! Don't tell him!
Janet's got Gary by the...
Ian has Chris by the...
Ian, Gubby and Janet 12 hours before their threesome on the pool table
After he showed them his beer bong powers, Ian finally got a sponsor...
Ian, Jimmy and Kieran : Sunbathing in Bundoran
Paul's got Paul by the nipples....that other guy is Ian....again
Janet in her Catalogue pose, what you can't see from this photo is she's modelling underwear. We had to cut it off for censorship reasons. The photo that is, not the g-string...oops, did we mention it was a g-string...
George Bush - or is it really Lemontwist
Jimmy's got Mike by the....
Jimmy couldn't get the octopus off his head, and the swedish bikini team in the yacht just laughed....and laughed...then rubbed themselves down with oil for a while....mmmm
Kieran couldn't get the octopus off his head either...but the swedish bikini team are in to help him.....bastard
I wonder will the swedish bikini team float well with all that oil...mmmm
I was trying to think of something funny to write about this one...but the picture speaks for itself really
Gubby's got Kieran by the...
Kieran's got Julian by the...
(Dejavu with the comments?)
That's it Kieran, use the force
Nearly off your knees!
Shit!!! Who's that?!?!?
So...who's got who here?
And they were THIS big!!!
So, after we castrated the bullock...
Bullocks you say? mmmm
All these photos only showing the top-half is very dodgy...
Anyway, this is Corm and Liz
One of these is not like the other, can you guess???
subtitle : Ian's dream
Don't they look much happier now Ians not in the way
We looked at this for as long as we could without getting severly disturbed by Jimmy's facial pose. But we can't work out where all the hands go...
Janet's fairly moving round the girls
We have many minority groups in the club. Janet is just one of them
This is where Jimmy, Kieran and D spent 2 weeks....
Mullalloo Beach, Perth
Nice for some, eh?
Same beach - If you can spot them, there are actually over 60 surfers in the background waters. The camera's just a bit crap
QUB Magnificent 6
Of course we couldn't give their identities away cos they'd just get big-headed and demand free pints and the like
Okay, this might look like the same picture, but if you look closely, you can see how magnificent these people are. One of them has a glowing finger...!!! Amazing really...
Run out of sunblock?
Use a surfboard!!!
Rottnest Island, Perth
Great place for a quick pint and some pier diving onto sting-ray.
Another view of Rottnest Island.
Absolutely beautiful place for a snorkelling session
(It's hard to take the piss out of a landscape...)
It has nice beer, and a very good pool table
Sunset from Jimmy's Ma's house in Perth, looking over the Indian Ocean
Lemontwist - I could make a comment about underage drinking...oops, I just have
Kieran Jumping into a Pool
In a moment he misses the pool from a freak gust of wind, lands on a workshop roof and dangles for days with only rottweilers licking his testicles for sustenance.
How does that give him sustenance I hear you cry?
I dunno, I'm not an expert, but Kieran lived...and he had a smile on his face for days...