Boards & Suits

Time for some serious stuff now.

Surfing in Ireland can be dangerous for all the same reasons as surfing in Australia or Hawaii or any bloody where else that's famous. Except 'cos we're extra hard here we need an extra measure of our toughness. This measure comes in the extreme cold conditions we sometimes have to endure just to slide down a moving wall of water. It's great fun though.

No, really it's not too bad, but here's a list of what we'd consider essential or just handy.
This section is aimed at giving rough guidelines and info. for those interested in getting their own gear, such as Surf Boards, Wetsuits, where the local stores are in Northern Ireland, what to look for(hopefully) and how much you could expect to pay. Please understand this is only advice and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

So far we have :

Category Description
Boards More info. on how boards are made, the various types and things like that
Wetsuits Take a wild guess
Manufacturer's Links to some of the better known brand names of the sport
Local Stores Local stores in N.Ireland now have web-sites...check them out for good deals.