For 3 pounds you could get a Big Mac meal ....

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or join the Surf Club and receive years of enjoyment remembering how you just escaped frostbite in your internal organs.

As a Member you get 50% back BS00044A.gif (2229 bytes) on all travel and equipment hire costs.

All you have to do is keep your receipt and our generous Club Treasurer will refund you the cash.

You probably wont have to hire anything anyway because we've got loads of club equipment that you can try out...bodyboards, surfboards and wetsuits. So if you want it CHEAP then borrow of us to see if you like it before you dig into your beermoney.

Half of all Petrol costs are paid for from the club funds and the rest made up by the passengers of the car / bus / hippy van / motorcycle(?) / whatever we can find to get us to the coast. This means of course that CAR DRIVERS GO FREE as an incentive for them to take the rest of us pedestrian scum to the coast.

You'll also get discount in local surf shops and anywhere else you can blag a few quid off by flashing your membership card.

We do lots of exciting things that are too interesting to mention here in case you fall off your chair and damage your expensive computer in the process. If you really want to know what we get up to then have a look at the Members section

If you don't start surfing soon you will end up like this,  I swear...

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It's good to Surf.

( If anyone recognises this woman then please tell us what name she now goes by... we have reason to believe that she was once Gubby's Dominatrix)