Tales of drunken revelry and stuff, its

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All these stories were written years ago, probably by Johny but are still quite(?) funny or in his words 'probably quite shite' you decide.

The Club Constitution - Essential reading for all members new and old

Gubby v train - During the first year of the club, 98-99 I think, Gubby had while hassle just getting round places. Here's a few things that happened to him

Xmas '98 - Christmas '98 we were invited to Portrush for a fancy dress dinner. Er...well, we thought it was fancy dress.

Bundoran day '99 - Sometime round Easter '99 we headed off to Bundoran to get bevvied and surf a bit in between pubs

Beach party '99 - Obviously we thought we hadn't been out enough during the year, so we decided we'd have a beach party just to even things up.

Limelight - A typical night at the limelight