The Earth shaking, board breaking, piss taking

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Ok so whats new? Well the site has been updated for one thing. Most of it was actually done ages ago by Mark Stockdale (cheers Mark) but we never got around to finishing off the links and putting it up. Hopefully this section will be updated frequently from now on but we'll see what happens. If anyone wants something included here email us at

By the way if this is the first time that you've been to the site in years then here's what happened:


Youuuuuuu missed it.

But as well as that, things have moved on since the days of yore. Back in the prehistoric era of 26 Belgravia things were simpler... we were shit and we got pissed on Saturday night. Jamie, Gubby, Keiran, Corm, me (Johnny), and the relative new-comers (then) of Wee Chris, Janet and Ian to name but a few. More people were attracted by the smell and themselves became trapped and after a while we even managed to turn our talk into reality and make it as far as France (Hossegor Trip). Soon enough the old breed gave way in 2003/4 to the new wave of Bird Power in the form of Caroline, Liz and Aisha. The surf club starting having 'dinners' and they didn't even involve kebabs from Desperantos after the Limelight. All the better we were for it though - we even hosted the first ever Irish National Student Surf Competition to be held in Portrush. This year the no longer Wee Chris took the reins and claimed the no longer Wee Jim as his concubine.

Fun and games will be had once more to round off this year at the Annual Beach Party at Whiterocks 12th June 04 - Everyones welcome.

There'll also be a bit uva reunion of the old crew in Dunfanghy at Carolines on the 25th of June if anyone can get a day release from the nursing homes. Take'r handy.