Just like Ryanair, useful links to interesting places, only these work....

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Where do you want to go today? (TM) (can we say that?)

Dese pages is where our wedder links be.
The list below has a fairly good spread of weather sites that will reveal all about the Atlantic and its mystical weather patterns...ooohhhh!!!

Check out this site for a fairly accurate 3 day forecast of the pressure charts for the UK.


Pretty nice site, its got plenty of 'interesting' stuff. Wave heights, surface charts, sea temps, etc. Check it out.


This is a site mainly aimed at fishing and things like that, but can provide info on the wind type coming in from the north or from the atlantic.


Another useful surf site with plenty of forecasts around the UK


This is more technical. Run by some navy somewhere but is pretty good for the wave heights in the Atlantic


Check 'em out if you crave the wave.


Check these out if yer bored:

Bundoran Accomodation - Tyrconnell
Irish Surfing Association
The old QUB Surf website