Welcome Back

Well, its about time I sat down and typed out a newsletter for the club. With all those exams and things old brain hasn’t been able to do much recently, but anyway, before you ask, I had a great Christmas and New Year, how was yours?

So, about the club: whats new? well the weathers getting better (no really) so there’ll be loads of people out - come to think of it, why don’t you get your sorry backside out on the trails with us some Wednesday soon - you never know, you might enjoy yourself. On the other hand you might break your neck, but thats the price you pay for jumping off 12 ft dropoff’s and landing on your head.

We also can announce that MAD FROG, is going to give Queens Mountain Bike Club members large discounts on lots of kit/bits/bikes (especially pink childrens ones....for the girlies amongst you).

I have to say it was nice to see so many of you out last term before the rain/fog/sleet/snow decended and I couldn’t see anything any more. I hope to see you all again next summer.


Contry to popular belief, this is not a new variaty of Frogus Hoppus, but a bike shop in Glengormley who have kindly extended the offer of a discount to members of the QMbC, and whose propriators are veritable encyclopedias in the subject of mountain-biking in Belfast, and in general. Go along for a chat, find out what other things are to be done on bikes in Belfast, and remember to buy your brake blox from them in humble return for the lavishings of sacred knowledge that they shall impart upon thy.


They stock lots of accessories and clothing, and importantly for a bike shop, bikes: Scott, Muddy Fox, and a few KHS bikes (a new line), and a few second hand wonders (for example, a Kona Cinder Cone with new Z3 bombers: 285 !!!).


See Price list included.


The one drawback is that to get the discount, you need to be a registered, paid up member of the club (but then whats 2 ? ), and you must take your student card to the shop to get the discount. Next year we may phase in a card system - hold your breath.

No don’t be silly Owen.


Ride of the month

- All phone numbers for future inclusion in this article are subject to verifcation -



An ever-popular circular ride with the club, it has been ridden at all times of day and night, in the brief glimpse of sun you Irish call summer, more usually in rain (no surprise there then), and snow.

This ride is not one to do on one’s own - partly because you have to go up the Crumlin Road to get there, and more importantly, because of all the rides we do, its the longest, and potentially most demanding and dangerous.

Its also the most fun, and thats why we do it.


From the PEC one goes across the Botanic Gardens, exiting next to the Seamus Heaney Library, and decend to Shaftsbury square on Botanic Ave.

After crossing, you follow Great Victoria Street, past Spires, on past Millfield, to Clifton street, where you turn left, and on up to Antrim Rd/ Crumlin Rd roundabout, at which point you have a choice of :

1/ Follow the Crumlin Road up. And up. And up. Until you go round a hairpin bend and on your right 50yrds ahead is the B95. Go up that, and it’s much of the same, only steeper, until on your right you will see a car park. In the corner in a gate. Lift self and bike over gate, follow track, and top of hill is obvious. A word of caution: we almost had a member ride off the 500ft cliff the other side, because he didn’t realise it was there. Don’t.

How you get down is the fun bit; there is a track going north down the hill, through some woods ending up near Belfast castle. Explore a bit. The route home from the castle is to go south from the castle across a park and down Innsfayle Park (a road, not a park), onto the Antrim Road and so home.

2/ From the roundabout, follow the Antrim road, turning left up Cavehill Road, follow to the end and cross over onto Upper Cavehill Road. At the end of this is a track, which ends at another track. Turn right, and the rest is obvious. The route home is as above.

1999 InterVarsitys

The intervarsitys are QMbC’s oppotunity to show Ireland what heros we all are in the pub. But before we get to that we’ve got to do the race. Last year four of us went down, meandered around the BEST racecourse I have ever been on (so, it was better than Bangor then), for 3-4hours, collapsed and got brought beer by UCD, and then went to a pub, after which it all got a bit confusing. But anyway, it was all free (all, that is except the pub bit), and lots and lots of fun.


This year we want to send more members of QMbC free to Ballinastoe, Co Wicklow, to ride like the lazy bastards they are, start/continue a drinking habit and come back knowing the world is now a better place for their efforts. Its on 20th March, so I need to know who wants to come asap.


If your interested contact me on: jameschandler@hotmail.com

or phone (don’t expect to get through)

01232 226707



Does anyone want anything bought or sold? Check the QMbC web page....

Also, for all you arts students with too little to do and too much typing talent; I’d really appriciate any articles to include in the next newsletter. Anything about anything really (I’m that desperate). Email them to me.



If you want to find out anything about the racing calender, go to Peter Purfields website: on it is a certain page listing all the events this year. If racing is your thing then goto it at http://oompa.esatclear.ie/~purfield/99mtb-cal.htm. and print the 4 pages out for yourself - be warned though, the coloured D/H events don’t print out. (could thid be saying something?) unless you change the format of the file. It should work after that, although I’ve not tried it.

Another thing, if you are interested in racing, but have no pals to go with, a) have a word with Owen, Simon or James, and b) go to Mad Frog and have a chat with them - explain that you’re in the QMbC and are interested in racing - they may well be able to help with transport and introductions.


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