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Selamat Datang and Welcome to the official website of the Malaysian Student Society of Northern Ireland! Thank you for dropping by and do feel free to explore our website. We hope that you will know more about our club and activities. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your time!

 Latest Event

People of Chinese ethnicity all over the world, Malaysians not excluded, celebrate the beginning of the   new Chinese calendar year. Typically, the Malaysian “style” of celebrating this major holiday back home is the gathering of close family and friends of all different races and religions to enjoy traditional Chinese food and age old culture. During this usually 25 day long celebration, married couples give away red packets containing cash as a blessing to young children.

     The MSSNI this year has organized a get-together with traditional food cooked by all Chinese students. Friends of different races, especially our Irish friends were invited to help. Through this, we can hopefully promote a form of co-operation trans-race and also introduce to others Chinese culinary skills. 



 Latest in Northern Ireland

The Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing will be one of the first cases examined by Northern Ireland's new Historical Enquiries Team, police have revealed.


 Latest in Malaysia

The Government tonight offered the stoutest defence yet for its decision to raise petrol and diesel prices by 30 sen per litre.