The biggest annual event of all Malaysian Students’ Societies all over the UK, this year we are planning to attract a crowd of no less than 200 people.

     As tradition dictates, this night is not only a chance for Irish and Malaysians to get into their best wear and enjoy a night of great food and entertainment, but also always serves a bigger purpose. Recent previous beneficiaries from the Malaysian Night include ‘Help the Aged’, ‘Malcolm Sargent/ Cancer fund for Children, ‘Tsunami victims fund’ and this year will be no exception. As soon as our agenda and funding is approved by the university, we will decide upon which charity is most in need of help. This event is a non-profit event which sole purpose is to introduce Malaysian culture to the rest of the world through the diverse student population in Queen’s, and to be a blessing to the local community here in Belfast.

     As testimony to how important this event is, previous VIPs who have graced our events include the Queen’s deanery and faculty, Malaysian Student Department directors, Malaysian commissioners and most recently, the Lord Mayor of Belfast. 

     This year, we have already contacted the press back in Malaysia and will do the same here in Belfast once the groundwork of this event is laid. We, the students here in Belfast are hoping to let ourselves be heard more back home and hopefully increase the awareness of people back home of the existence of Queen’s university and her happenings.

     As Belfast is trying to shake off it’s troubled past, we Malaysians would hopefully be able to play a part, however minute, in giving this beautiful city a face lift and putting Queen’s university rightfully in the right pages of the press, for her high quality of teaching and nurturing of students not only academically, but also in a holistic manner.

    This year, we are keen to make this a reasonably large scale event and we can only do so with the help of the University and the Queen’s community. As such, we look forward to co-operation with the university and hopefully, with much sweat and blood, we will be able to make this event a great success.


Check out the poster!