The Chinese New Year celebration was the second event organized by MSSNI. It was on the 4th of February 2006 at the Malaysian Hall instead of the usual Snack Bar at the Studentís Union. A minimal fee of £3 for members and £5 for non-members was charged. There were a total of 64 guests who showed up. We had a fare share of Malays and Irish who turned up for the event. This was a very good opportunity for us to share the Chinese culture with them.The event started at 6.00pm and the first agenda for the day was a speech given by the President of MSSNI, Kevin Tan. He gave a warm welcome to all the guests and hoped that they will enjoy the rest of the evening. Next, the food was served. The food was specially prepared by the committee members and a lot of hard work and effort was put into preparing the meal. We served sweet and sour chicken, herbal chicken, a vegetarian dish, fried flat noodles, claypot rice, friend wanton, red bean soup, mandarin oranges and cordial drinks. Many complimented us on the delicious food and there was just enough food for everyone without any leftovers. The food served was guaranteed halal so that it was suitable for our Muslim friends to eat. Next, the guests were entertained by a slide show of how Chinese New Year and the 12 animals on the Chinese calendar came about. The stories were both new and interesting especially for the Malays and Irish who have not heard them before. The lucky draw started shortly after that. Five vouchers worth £5 each were given out to 5 lucky winners. The highlight of the day was the prawn cracker eating competition. 4 volunteers were picked and the winner of the competition wins a free admission ticket to the Malaysian Night worth £20 pounds. The winner of the competition was an Irish. After that, most of the guests stayed to chat and mingle with the rest of the people. People started leaving the Malaysian Hall around 8.30pm. Most of them said that they enjoyed the celebration, especially the food. The event turned out very well and we were pleased that there were many people who supported our event. We hope to organize better events in the near future.