The Royal Lifesaving Society was founded in 1891 and granted it's Royal Charter in 1924. It remains the longest-established lifesaving organisation in the world and is active in more than 40 countries worldwide.


RLSS UK is Britain's foremost provider of training and education in water safety, rescue and life support. It's members are part of a network of 2000 lifesaving clubs and lifeguard units organised under 51 branches covering the British Isles. Members support RLSS UK's work in life support training for the community, developing lifesaving and resuscitation techniques, public water safety education and lifeguard training.

A measure of RLSS UK's success is that the annual number of drownings in Britain has fallen from well over 5,000 to around 750 since its formation, despite the vast increase in water-based leisure and recreation.

RLSS UK enjoys close contacts with allied organisations both in Britain and abroad, works closely with the leisure industry and maintains a productive dialogue with the emergency services. RLSS UK also provides a consultation, education and advisory service to a wide range of organisations, water space operators and, of course, the public.

RLSS UK is Britain's leading provider of training for swimming pool lifeguards. The RLSS UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualification programme is widely recognised as the professional benchmark. Together with the Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain, RLSS UK is also responsible for training beach lifeguards.

RLSS UK is self financing, apart from modest funding from the Sports Council. As a registered charity, we depend upon the support of our members and the generosity of benefactors and corporate and sponsors.


To join RLSS UK and support our vital work, please contact us at our Saturday morning classes.

Remember, we can't save lives without YOU.