The Structure Of The Liberal Society

The organisation of the Liberal Society is based on the democratic principle that each and every member should have an equal and irrevocable right to participate in the control of the Society. An integral feature of the Society is that all members are equal. However, in order to ensure that the Liberal Society is well-organised, and also in keeping with the regulations specified by the Students' Union, we have to elect some Officers who perform the everyday executive functions of the society, like taking notes, reminding members about the meetings, and representing the society to the Union. Our constitution is very clear on the role and limitations of these individual members, and a copy can be found on this site.
The General Society Membership  The Society Officers The Joint Presidents
The Member Representative(s) The Treasurer The Chairperson
The Secretary The Returning Officer


The General Society Membership

The General membership of the society is the supreme policy making and administrative body in the Society. There may be no meetings of the Society which are not open to all members, and no individual member of group of members may take decisions affecting the Society as a whole without its prior consent.

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The Society Officers

Executive functions are carried out by the Society Officers, who each are elected to perform a function. The Society Officers may not make collective decisions over and above those made by the general society membership. The Co-Presidents, the Member Representative(s), Returning Officer and the Treasurer are elected annually; The Chairperson and the Secretary are elected monthly.

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The Two Joint Presidents

There are two presidents in order to ensure that no single individual has total control of the affairs of the Society - both presidents must be in agreement with eachother before they can carry out their presidential functions.

The role of the presidents is basically to safeguard the Society's constitution and to ensure that the official actions of the Society pertain to the promotion of Liberal values. Consequently, their specific duties include supervising the production of any official publications (including this website) concerning the Society and advising other officers on their duties within the Society. They also have a more practical role in that they are in responsible for introducing all Society meetings, and also they must oversee the election of the Returning Officer.

Interim       : Brian Lacey and Tadhg Morgan
1999/2000 : Brian Lacey and Tadhg Morgan

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The Member Representative(s)

Every 15 members of the Society must be assigned an individual member who is responsible for keeping them informed about Society events and objectives. They are, in effect, both membership secretaries and internal publicity officers.

They also have the task of resolving disputes between individual Society members when their argument pertains directly to the Society.

Interim       : Therese McKenna
1999/2000 : Tina Calder

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The Treasurer

The Treasurer's job is simply to keep account of the Society's spending and credit, and to ensure that all individual members are kept up to date concerning the Society's financial situation.

Whilst it is their job to collect membership fees, they are NOT responsible for fundraising.

Interim       : Edward Hagan
1999/2000 : Noel Griffin

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The Chairperson

The Chairperson's job is to preside over the official meetings of the Society an to ensure that order is maintained and that all individual members have an opportunity to speak.

(Brian Lacey, Noel Griffin, ...)

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The Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at the official meetings of the Society and to ensure that records are maintained and updated.

(Tim Mairs, Dara McGaughey...)

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The Returning Officer

The Returning Officer has the sole job of overseeing the election of all other Society Officers at the Annual Business Meeting.

Interim       : Gerry Lynch
1999/2000 : To Be Elected

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